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Dating back to 1750 Hutchisonís Spiced Ginger Wine has been exported across the globe. It has been used in religious festivals in parts of South America for well over 100 years, and is today available from Australia to China to Canada.

Hutchison's Ginger Wine

Hutchisonís is a combination of the finest root ginger, spices and wine.

The result is a beautifully balanced ginger drink at 13.5% abv with the mouth feel of a wine yet the aroma and taste of ginger and spices. Produced on a batch to batch basis Hutchisonís differs from lesser ginger wines because of the steeping process which captures all the goodness of this herb in liquid form.

It may be consumed in a variety of ways, from an aperitif to a cocktail to a Hot Toddy. Although tradition suggests ginger wine is a winter warmer, a glass of Hutchison's blended with cranberry or apple juice and soda makes a wonderful summer drink. Being all natural it may be also used in any number of recipes to add the goodness of ginger.

Today Hutchisonís Spiced Ginger Wine is the only commercially produced ginger wine in Scotland and remains consistent with the principles set out by James Hutchison so many years ago.